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Branding on wood

Our artists want to create your ideas for you. In order to provide you with an appropriate offer, please send us guides (picture, drawing, photo book…) of your idea. For portraits we require a large photo and the whole face (especially the eyes) should be clear and well lit. Portraits of children and animals (dogs, horses, cats…) as well as plaques, snack boards, door signs, pizza plates etc are very popular and a unique gift idea. Please have a look on the unique examples.

We design our personalised offers based entirely on your wishes – our artists can create what you desire.

Cancelation of branding and special design orders
If you order from us a branded product or something specifically produced we will send you a detailed written offer. If this offer is acceptable to you we require written acceptance. Once we receive written acceptance from you a legally binding contact is created and cancelation of your order is no longer possible. Before we send you your finished order you will receive from us a photo of it. Naturally, customer satisfaction is of prime importance to us and that we fulfill your wishes. However, specially finished portraits and special design products may not be returned.

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